CLASSES M109 M110 M111 M112


First Semester


Subject: Computer Technology


Course Code: OT21201


Credit: 1


Course Description


This course in computer technology is required of students in Mathayom 1. The primary focus in this semester will be in Core ICT Skills. The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of everyday computer use in Word Processing design, Spreadsheet design, Presentations and Image Manipulation skills to meet the demand of modern society. Students use their acquired IT skills for project work which include creating questionnaires/surveys to collect data for a fair-sized database. Creating databases and sorting data for graphical display detail. Creating and delivering presentations for class observations and evaluations.


Course Objectives


  • To introduce the students to the concept of Word Processing & Spreadsheets.

  • To assist students in gaining a solid understanding of the basic features of Word Processing Applications.

  • To assist students to use their skills to create questionnaires/surveys for collection of data and design questions to collect usable data.

  • To assist students in gaining a solid understanding of the basic features of Spreadsheets.

  • To assist students in gaining an understanding and use of some of the higher built in features of spreadsheets

  • To assist students to use spreadsheet skills to create a database and enter data collected for presenting in graphical charts

  • To provide a solid foundation in Presentation Software and Presentation Skills.

  • To assist students to present their created presentations to audiences and use their peer evaluations for feedback for improvements

  • To give a comprehensive breakdown of the available tools for editing, modifying and creating images.

  • To be capable to use image modifying software packages to alter images to suit a practical purpose.


First Semester


Unit FSD1 – Folder Structure - Navigation

  • Navigation to Folders on Server

  • Folders – Creation, Hierarchy and Purpose


Unit WPD1 - Word Processing skills

  • Entering of Text and Formatting

  • Use of Tables – sizes of tables

  • Insert/delete Row/Columns

  • Re-Size Rows/Columns

  • Merge and split of Table Cells

  • Background Colour Cell

  • Print Preview

  • Document creation – project work


Unit PRD1 – Presentations

  • Presentation Planning

  • Content for Presentations

  • Use of Bulleted Lists

  • Use of Images

  • Use of Animations and Sequencing

  • Presentation Content – Peer Evaluations Examinations


Unit SPD1 – Spreadsheets

  • Cell Formatting

  • Basic Mathematics (+ - * /)

  • Basic Functions (SUM, AVERAGE)

  • IF Formulae

  • Conditional IF Formatting

  • Charts and Graphs

  • Database creation – project work



Unit IMM1 - Image Manipulation

  • Software Packages Available

  • Simple Editing

  • Cropping Images

  • Re- Sizing and Rotating Images

  • Copying and Pasting Images (Sections)

  • Saving Images


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