great food from asia

Food, Thai food that is

  • Green curry and rice, yummy has a cocunut taste and quite spicy

  • Red curry and rice, a little hotter but just as yummy

  • Prid gang Guy, very spice chicken curry, if you like it hot

  • Dam Thai sald, a milder version of Som Tam, I think more delicious

  • Masaman, like an indian Thai curry, usually comes with spuds, very filling

  • Spring rolls, crunchy little things fille with bamboo shoots, good for dipping

  • Krapow Guy,Moo or Nua, Chicken, Pork or Beef, thai classic dish, nice with fried egg on top

  • Labb Moo, minced pork and some veggies, so moorish, nice with stick rice, CowNeow

  • Yum Talee, spicy seafood salad, has a variety of seafood, crab, squid, octopus and fish

  • Cow Pad, fried rice, alone a good dish, could have with all different meats or seafood.

  • Noodle Soups, Gui Ti Ow, so delicious sells on most street corners, also famous Tom Yum Gung, shrimp soup.

  • Crispy pork, Crispy Chicken, Labb Liver (so soft), Chicken Cashew nuts, So many more.....

  • But these listed above are my favourites

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