CLASSES M29 M210 M211 M212


First Semester


Subject: Computer Technology


Course Code: OT22201


Credit: 1

Course Description


This course in computer technology is required of students in Mathayom 2. The primary focus in this academic year will be in several individual student projects, the first project is to complete a Photoshop exercise practical task sheet building the students skills and leading on to an individual project using that same package. The second project is to encourage critical thinking and design and create a professional website. The website will have to be designed using the System Life Cycle and a design schema showing the sites navigation detailed before implementing the website. The main focus of the website will be upon the student’s life and a webpage dedicated to the BCC school. Students are encouraged to take pictures and add interesting facts about the school


Course Objectives


Project 1 Photoshop – Image manipulation

  1. To introduce the students to image manipulation software.

  2. To build upon skills that is gained from working through the practical exercises from a basic level up to an intermediate level.

  3. To build upon skills that are gained from working through the practical exercises from an intermediate up to a skilled level

  4. To use skills learnt from the exercises to create an individual project using independent thinking and all/most of the skills learned from the exercises


Project 2 Planning and Creating a professional website

  1. To introduce the students to the design and creation of a website. Stage 1 creating a Schema and Homepage design

  2. To assist student in gaining a solid understanding of the steps requires to complete the task, from the design to implementation.

  3. To provide students with the ability to create/modify interesting and varied webpages for school and personal reasons.

  4. To provide a solid foundation in to the creating of webpages with information and images.

  5. To give a comprehensive breakdown of the available web-based menu driven tools, and their usages in webpage creation.

  6. To be able to compare the differences between different web page providers for creation of web sites.

  7. To introduce students to on-line forms to collect data and collect feedback for websites.


EIP Mathayom 2 Course Description

First Semester


Unit PSD1 - Photoshop skills

  • Tools and menus and individual exercises that will Use:

  • Copy, Paste, Paste Into, Move Tool

  • Lasso- and Polygonal Lasso Selection Tools, Copy, Paste Into, Move Tool, Zoom Tool, Transform

  • Selection Tools, Copy, Paste, Paste Into, Move Tool, Transform, Opacity

  • Quick Select Tool (or Magic Wand Tool), Invert Selection, Copy, Paste

  • Paint Bucket Tool, Color Picker, Brush Tool

  • Creating a new Picture, Brush Tool, Layers, Eraser Tool

  • Paint Bucket Tool, Brush Tool, Selection Tools, Copy, Paste, Eraser Tool, Opacity, Move Too

  • Text Tool, Selection Tools, Copy, Paste, Transform

  • Transform, Move Tool, Opacity, Eraser Tool

  • Selection Tools, Selection Types, Color Balance, Crop

  • Setting a canvas Size, Brush Tool, Eraser Tool

  • Clone Stamp Tool, Smudge Tool

  • The Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Blur, Sharpen and Smudge Tools

  • Brush Tool, Smudge Tool, Dodge Tool, Burn Tool

  • The Brush Tool, the Shape Tool

  • The Shape Tools, the Styles palette

  • The Brush Tool, Modes

  • The Brush Tool, everything else, Layer Styles

  • Selection Tools, Filters, Warp Function

  • Clone stamp tool or spot healing brush tool.


Unit WDO2 – Creating a website

  • SLC (Systems Life Cycle) Identify the problem (any task given)

  • Analyze the needs of the system (List)

  • Draw a schema for their website (Navigation)

  • Draw a homepage design of how the homepage will look

  • Create the website using one of the free providers

  • Creating the menus and home page

  • Creating the extra pages and linking

  • Adding information and images to every page

  • Adding forms for feedback and quizzes

  • Adding slideshow and videos to the websites


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