CLASSES M39 M310 M311


First Semester


Subject: Computer Technology


Course Code: OT23201


Credit: 1


Course Description


This course in computer technology is required of students in Mathayom 3. The primary focus in this year will be in several individual student projects, the first project is to design and create of a theme Park Ride. This is for a student chosen organization to a set specification. The computing systems life cycle is used to guide them to its completion. Software used for the creation of the simulated ride will be of the student’s choice. The second project is to encourage critical thinking to design and create an online survey – questionnaire. The data collected will be used to create graphical charts that can be presented to back up hypothesizes. The projects are strongly driven by practical work in the classroom and at home. The work is graded according to the level of detail of the planning and design criteria reached.


Course Objectives


  1. To assist student in gaining a solid understanding of all the steps involved in the planning and creating of a computing project

  2. To introduce students to the Systems Life Cycle, used for all computing projects to organize each step of the work.

  3. To be able to explain the Identify, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Test and Evaluation stages of the Systems life Cycle

  4. To assist student with programming skills and understand how code blocks work.

  5. To provide students with the skill required to complete a project and produce the documents required to show each stage of their planning from the initial problem to a working model.

  6. To understand how to design and create and online survey/questionnaire.

  7. To explain how data is collected, validated and verified within an online survey form.

  8. To distinguish between good data (usable) and bad data

  9. To understand how good data collected can be used for, presenting graphically.

  10. To understand that any hypothesizes can be proved with data collected



EIP Mathayom 3 Course Outline

First Semester


Unit CCP1 – Programming Project


  • Project Theme Park Ride

  • Use of Gantt charts for timeline of project (Examples from WWW)

  • Systems life cycle – the six stages

  • Identify – outline of the problem

  • Analyze – list the requirements of the system

  • Design – sketch out draw how the project will look

  • Implement - Simulate a theme park ride using software of choice

  • Use of programming skills

  • Test – creating test plans for the system, pass/fail

  • Evaluation – feasibility? Did it do all that is expected

  • Presentation skills

  • Show all completed project work to class, Peer Evaluations.


Unit CCP2 – Data Collection Project


  • Project Online survey

  • Design of an online questionnaire for collecting data

  • Consider how usable data is collected

  • Use of various methods and forms to collect data using Gmail,

  • Data validation and verification of data collected.

  • Use of Radio Buttons Drop down lists, Multiple choice, Open ended questions

  • Cleaning up data, dirty data – unusable data.

  • Display survey results graphically using charting software, separate data for creating multiple charts

  • Presentation skills

  • Show all completed project work to class, Peer Evaluations.


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