Places Ive Been in thailand

Thailand is a big country and there are many places to visit, places I have been are listed below

  • Kho Phi Phi, 1st place I visited, great for diving, swimming and some nice bars at night

  • Phuket 2nd place, my first encounter with the lady boys of Thailand, good beaches and lots of night life

  • Bangkok 3rd place, stayed in Khosan rd and toured around the city, lots of temples and great sights

  • Pattaya/Jom Tien beach, crazy Pattaya, so many bars, walking street, prefer Jom Tien, more Thai people and friendly.

  • Chaing Mai, night market town, good for sighseeing and getting a bike rental, visit the temple of the white elephant

  • Koh Chang, lovely Island south of Bangkok, great beaches and good night life, good for motorbike driving.

  • Koh Samet, again another greaat island with clean beaches and fun night life, beach discos and bars

  • Koh Toa, infamous beach now, but i liked it there, full moon parties and large mosquitoes, one visit enough.

  • Ubon Rachatani, they have a wax festival here every year, giand wax floats and all lit up, goot fairs too.

  • Ayuthia, old capital of Thailand lots of temples and culture to see here. 

  • Koh Lat, a quick mention as it is close to pattaya and 20-30 baht ferry crossing, lovely beaches for snorkelling

  • Lodburi, monkey madness, they are everywhere, be careful of your belongings

  • Hua Hin, take the train or bus, great beach with horses, city/town quite interesting, good for families

  • Krabi, small fishing port, not much here but a short distance to Aonang, nice beaches and good town night life.

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